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A single mother who lost her job
We received a telephone call from Joanne, a single mother with three children. She had recently worked herself off the welfare rolls but the company with which she was employed closed its doors. She was in a desperate situation and needed assistance to help prevent her electricity from being shut off. The Good Neighbor Energy Fund was able to be there for her and many others in similar situations.

A family dealing with an unexpected illness
Mr. & Mrs. S. were both steadily employed. They have two sons, one of which had a serious illness. The medical costs were extremely high, adding to their mounting monthly bills. This couple had never had to ask anyone for help before and, in fact, had given to the Good Neighbor Energy Fund in past years. With great humility they came to The Salvation Army for help. The Good Neighbor Energy Fund was able to assist this couple with much needed oil to heat their home while their son recuperated.

An elderly couple with a delinquent child
We were contacted by the Department of Elder Affairs regarding Mr. & Mrs. H. who are both in their 80's and had been living in the same apartment for 30+ years. One of their children who had been living in a group home for many years came back into their lives and began to steal from them. This went on for several months before they had the courage to contact the Department of Elder Affairs. Their daughter was arrested, but the couple was left with several months of unpaid bills. The Good Neighbor Energy Fund was able to help them get through this difficult time by paying their gas bill, allowing them the ability to have hot water and a cooking source.