MA Good Neighbor Energy Fund

Making a Difference

Testimonial 1

I experienced an illness that kept me out of work for five months. My disability pay helped me financially but not nearly enough to keep my head above water. After not qualifying for the State fuel assistance programs I was in desperate need for some help. I contacted The Salvation Army and the Good Neighbor Energy Fund helped me with the payment of my electricity bill. I never had to ask for help before and everyone was very understanding. Now I'm back at work and doing well. I will never forget the help I received from the Fund and how it got me through a tough time. Thank you again.

Making a Difference

Testimonial 2

I recently found myself unexpectedly laid off from my job. With more than 15 years of experience in my chosen field, I was confident I could find work rather quickly but days turned into weeks and weeks became months. Even though I have now found a full-time job, I was far behind on my bills that for the first time I need some extra help. I had heard about the Good Neighbor Energy Fund and was able to receive some assistance with my energy bill. On behalf of myself and my family, thank you so much for being there when I was vulnerable.

Testimonial 3

I'm a single mother raising two of my own kids and two foster children while taking courses to earn my college degree. Until recently, I was holding down a full-time and a part-time job which enabled me to make ends meet. Unfortunately, I lost my part-time job and immediately had trouble paying the bills. I was faced with the choice of not being able to fill the oil tank or not being able to put food on the table. I went to LIHEAP for help but my income was just above its guidelines. They suggested that I contact The Salvation Army about receiving heating assistance through the Good Neighbor Energy Fund. I met with one of your social workers and she quickly informed me that I had qualified. I am so grateful because the assistance from the Fund allowed me to pay my oil bill. Thank you.